NEW! Laser Periodontal Therapy  2500 RON/arch
Gingivectomy 350 RON/tooth
Flap Debridment - FD with GTR - Guided Tissue Regeneration/hemi-arcade 700 EURO/521£
CTG (Connective Tissue Graft)/hemi-arcade 700 EURO/521£

Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)

Collagen resorbable membrane Bio-Gide (Geistlich, Switzerland)

Mucoderm (Botiss, Germania)

Emdogain (Straumann, Switzerland)

BioOss  (Geistlich, Switzerland) 0,5 g

MinerOss (BioHorizons, USA) 0,5 g

Bio-Geistlich Mucograft (Geistlich, Elvetia)


850 lei

1100 lei

1100 lei

850 lei

850 lei

1400 lei

Phrenectomy 900 lei
Tratament antiseptic mentenanta paro 200 lei
Laser therapy periodontal maintenance 500 - 1500 lei/session
Pentru preturile exprimate in Euro, plata se face in LEI,  
la cursul BNR din ziua platii.   
Prices in pounds are approximate and are calculated at the exchange rate valid on the day 29.01.2015. The exact price will be determined based on the exchange rate (euro/pounds) from the day when the treatment plan is created.  




Payment by credit/debit card is accepted.