Bleaching and Prophylaxis

NEW Bleaching in office -Whitening Accelerator
The medical team recommends that the first bleaching session to include a complete prophylaxs treatment: scaling + airflow + polishing procedure)

700 lei/session

Laser Therapy Periodontal Maintenance

600 lei/session
Plantinum Prophylaxis Pack

(Scaling + Professional cleaning +Airflow PROPHY JET Cavitron+ Topical fluoride treatment)

330 lei
Gold Prophylaxis Pack

(Scaling + Professional cleaning +Airflow PROPHY JET Cavitron)

280 lei
Silver Prophylaxis Pack

(Scaling + Professional cleaning)

180 lei
Airflow PROPHY JET Cavitron (Dentsply Professional Germany)  150 lei
Topical fluoride treatment of both arches

100 lei

Desensitizer treatment/tooth

50 lei

Definitive tooth sealing

200 lei

Dental jewelry bonding

200 lei

Night-guard (5 days)

200 lei



Payment by credit/debit card is accepted.