Endodontic treatment

Root canal therapy + root canal fillingwithEndodontic Microscop Zeiss NEW    
Single root teeth 500 lei  
Double - root teeth 600 lei  
Mult - root teeth 700 lei  
Wisdom teeth 750 - 1250 lei  
Calcium hydroxide root canal dressing 80 lei  
Sealing of perforations with MTA 250 lei  
Root canal therapy retreatment + root canal filling with  
Endodontic Microscop Zeiss NEW  
Single root teeth 600 lei
Bi-root teeth 700 lei
Three - root teeth 800 lei
Wisdom teeth 900 lei - 2000 lei
Explorative investigation with Carl Zeiss microscope 300 lei
3D Computer Tomography (CT) endodontic [COMPUTER TOMOGRAPH MORITA JAPAN*] 150 lei
Removing needle from the channel 200 - 500 lei



Payment by credit/debit card is accepted.