Removable dentures

Complete removable dentures Bio Dentaplast (thermoplastic, non alergenic, high resistance)2200 lei
Partial removable denture  Polyan2200 lei
Removable acrylic dentures )1350 – 2200 lei
Metal framework partial removable acrilic denture(with alloy retentive clasps)4000 lei
Flexible metal framework partial removable acrilic denture

1.800 lei

Metal framework partial removable denture with special system

5500 lei
Implants overdenture ( up to two implants)

4.000 lei

Implants overdenture ( on four implants)

4.500 lei

Implants overdenture ( more than four implants)

5.000 lei

Special system for overdenture/piece800 lei
Repacing special system for overdenture/piece100 lei
Acrilic overdenture with telescopes(Au)

– two telescopes

2.000 lei

– four telescopes

2.500 lei

Acrylic prosthetic superstructure on claps (Au)

– two telescopes

2.500 lei

– four telescopes

3.000 lei

Denture reline

150 lei

Teeth repairing

100 lei

Clasp repairing200 lei
Kemeny350-500 lei
Kemeny emergency500 lei
Bruxism trays250 lei
Occlusion equilibration300 lei
Night guard300 lei
Cementing crown40 lei
Maintenance screw retained prosthesis500 lei



Payment by credit/debit card is accepted.