Esthetics and prosthetics

Fully physiognomic Remanium metallo-ceramic (porcelain) crown950 lei/202€/150£
Fully physiognomic Remanium metallo-ceramic (porcelain) crown on dental implant1250 lei/270€/201£
Fully physiognomic Au-Pt metallo-ceramic (porcelain) crown2350 lei/516€/471£
Fully physiognomic Au-Pt metallo-ceramic (porcelain) crown on dental implant2350 lei/516€/471£
Ceramic crown (porcelain) on Zirconium support1850 lei/404€/301£
Full Zicronium crown 1850 lei/404€/301£
Ceramic crown (porcelain) on Zirconium support on dental implant1950 lei/427€/318£
Customized Zirconium abutment on on dental implant250€/152£
Customized metallic abutment on on dental implant200 €
Metal and composite crown400 lei
Full ceramic crown (no metallic support)
IPS e.max
2000 – 3000 lei
Ceramic Veneers (Shofu, Noritake, Ivoclar etc.)2100 -3000 lei
IPS e.max Veneers 2100 -3000 lei
Snap on Smile   900 euro/arch
Temporary acrylic crown made in the office

150 lei

Temporary acrylic crown made in the laboratory250 lei

Cast metal crown

900 lei

Composite veneers (in office)

350 lei

Dental post tooth removal on single root

250 lei

Dentatus removal100-250 lei
Dental post tooth removal on double root300 lei
Dental post tooth removal on triple root350 lei
Dental post tooth (fiberglass/metal)

300 lei

Dental post tooth Silver600 lei
Dental post tooth Au-Pt1200 – 2000 lei
Abutment restorations with Dentatus

150 lei

Work/tooth removal

80 lei

Veneer remova/tooth250 lei
Study model

100 lei

Smile Design (Wax up/Mock up)800-2000 lei
Nigh guard for occlusion rehabilitation200 lei
Inlay ceramic crown1200 -1500 lei
Inlay composite crown600 lei
Cementing crown/tooth, for clinic patient 60 lei
Cementing crown/tooth 120 lei
Prosthetic maintenance100 lei

Total fix screw retained prosthesis on implants (supra-structure)

Pieces for the prosthesis/implant

6000 lei

150 euro/piece

Prices in pounds/euros are approximate and are calculated at the exchange rate valid on the day 29.01.2015. The exact price will be determined based on the exchange rate (euro/pounds) from the day when the treatment plan is created.