DentalMed – Luxury Dental Clinic in Bucharest

The only dental clinic Supplier of the Royal House of Romania

The two dental clinics located in Bucharest offer excellent medical services, in locations with an avant-garde and surprising design, for an authentic luxury experience.

DentalMedDental Clinic in BUCHAREST – 20 dental offices

The DentalMed dental clinic ⬆Supplier of the Royal House⬆ has been creating perfect smiles for 16 years without pain, in record time, with Swiss precision. Dental clinic with 20 dental offices and 50 dentists.

In our dental clinic, the dentist will immediately evaluate the state of your dental health and you will discuss together the treatment options, the way to solve the problems in the shortest possible time.


Premium dental implant in Bucharest

Inserted in the place of the former roots, the dental implants are practically the basis of the new teeth, which will have a functional role and an aesthetic similar to natural teeth. Dental implant price.

Dental emergencies in Bucharest

NON STOP Dental Clinic in Bucharest with a non-stop dental office permanently ready to handle dental emergencies.

One Stage Surgery Concept

Surgical Treatments in a Single Session, under conscious venous sedation (i.v. sedation) assisted by an anesthesiologist. A new concept in dentistry.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers, dental crowns and prosthetic works made of porcelain, on a ZIRCONIUM support, all-ceramic dental crowns (Emax), all-ceramic dental crowns are Dental Aesthetics treatments (dental crowns, dental prostheses) made with digital technologies, for a natural appearance and a Hollywood smile!


Orthodontics is the specialty that deals with straightening the position of the teeth, the ratios between them, but also the ratios between the jaw bones. The dental appliance is intended for both children and adults. The INVISALIGN aligner currently represents the most modern method of straightening teeth.

Premium dentistry for children and teenagers

The only Romanian dental clinic that offers premium dental services, dedicated exclusively to children and adolescents, at the moment there is no luxury clinic on the local market dedicated to providing pediatric dentistry services. Inhalation, conscious light sedation and general anesthesia in a pediatric hospital.

Descaling and whitening

Ultrasonic descaling – gets rid of stains on the teeth, protects teeth and gums by periodically removing tartar and bacterial plaque. Descaling, airflow, perioflow, Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT).
Teeth whitening with Laser or Whitening Accelerator performed in the dental clinic by the dentist allows to obtain superior effects to the classic teeth whitening techniques.


Periodontitis affects 1 in 3 adults and the end result is tooth loss.
Given the importance and incidence of periodontitis, the DentalMed dental clinic pays special attention to the treatment of periodontitis. In this sense, within the clinic there is an international team of 7 surgeons specialized in the treatment of periodontitis (periodontologists).

20 specialized dental offices

The dental office represents the basic entity, the “core” of any provider of dental medical services. DentalMed dental clinic in Bucharest has dental offices grafted onto the specialty structure of the clinic, internal radiology laboratory and dental technique laboratory.

Complete equipment

20 specialized dental offices, equipped with the latest technology for any type of intervention and treatment.

A multidisciplinary team

50 dentists, Romanian and foreign specialists, 60 nurses and auxiliary staff, in total over 120 specialized people.

Painless treatment

Inhalation with nitrous oxide, intravenous anesthesia (i.v. sedation), as well as general anesthesia.

Flexible appointments

We strictly respect the appointment times and adapt to changes in your schedule.

Maximum safety

The Safest Dental Protocol in Romania.

Exclusive experience

The best place to experience luxury dental services.

3D Dental Imaging (radiology)

The only dental clinic in Romania that owns the VERAVIEW X800 MORITA Japan Computer Tomograph, present in both locations of the clinic.

Internal digital dental laboratory

Maximum precision and speed, using digital technologies.

Expertise in Complex Dental Reconstruction

A hyper-specialized medical team in highly complex dental rehabilitation interventions (full mouth reconstruction).

Media appearances

DentalMed la Realitatea TV
DentalMed on Wall Street

What our patients say

An extraordinary experience! The team of surgeons is of the highest professionalism. The “One Stage Surgery” concept works perfectly and I recommend it to everyone. The anesthesiologist’s assistance is extraordinary because the patient does not feel any discomfort. Postoperative care is particularly attentive to every detail that may arise. I recommend with all confidence!

Valentin Popescu, Google Review

Thank you to the team of exceptional and professional doctors who did an excellent job, listened to my needs and offered me impeccable treatment!

The clinic and the operating room and treatment conditions are impeccable, impeccable cleanliness and 5-star equipment.

Such conditions can only be found in the USA at Vip Medical Service.

Florin M., Google Review

A 5 star team! From the moment you enter the clinic, until you sit down in the office and then until you leave the clinic door, you are treated with professionalism and a lot of respect.

…They are the best dentists I have used so far and besides the aspect of professionalism, the clinic also benefits from the newest equipment, probably at this moment they are the only ones that have it. I will come back with love and with great confidence!

P.S.: I noticed that they also offer the payment of services in installments without interest through the shopping card (credit card), which seems very cool to me, not many dental clinics offer this possibility of payment in installments.

Justin Avramescu, Google Review

I could write a lot, “Keep up the good work”. Way beyond my expectations…

Special thanks to Dr. Raluca Baba & Dr. Dragos Popescu.

Adrian Eftimie, Google Review

We sincerely thank Dr. Mirel Toma and his team for their professionalism, understanding and patience they have given us every time. In addition to solving all of our little one’s dental problems, he also perfectly “treated” our deep fears of resorting to general anesthesia.

Our boy has suffered since he was 2 years old, from a strong demineralization of his teeth, the problem that led to their grinding and to the appearance of many cavities and infections. I have searched in many places to solve these problems, without any success.

In the spring of this year, we arrived at DentalMed for a consultation, where the advantages of general anesthesia were recommended and explained in detail to treat all dental problems in one session, without our little one feeling anything.

Our enormous fear of general anesthesia, as well as some bad experiences heard in the press, made us go to other offices to try other procedures. We only managed to make our boy afraid of going to the dentist.

On the other hand, all the dental problems worsened and they generated unbearable pain, so we took into account general anesthesia, but we decided that this procedure should be carried out under conditions of maximum safety.

The fact that DentalMed performs these procedures in a private pediatric hospital specially accredited for these procedures, in maximum and complete safety, with highly experienced anesthetists, continuous monitoring, the necessary equipment as well as the warmth, professionalism and patience of Dr. Mirel Toma, they made us gain a lot of confidence and turn to this procedure offered only by DentalMed.

The hospital experience was up to expectations. We were admitted in the morning at 8:00 a.m., followed by the pre-anesthetic consultation, anesthesia, extraction of 4 teeth plus a molar, canal fillings and crowns on 6 molars, molar reconstruction, spacer on the site of the extracted molar to properly grow the nearby molar , and around 15:00 I went home.

Now we are happy, we got rid of pain and sleep peacefully 🙂

Marian Bolintis, Google Review

When you want quality, you look for professionals. At DentalMed, I received impeccable services, from counseling to the end of the treatment. Thanks to Dr. Raluca Baba.

Daniela Morari, Google Review

I wholeheartedly recommend DentalMed! We sincerely thank Dr. Sava Calin and his team for their professionalism, understanding and patience they have given us every time!

I am the mother of a 3-year-old and 5-month-old boy, Ianis, who had quite serious problems with his teeth. In our city, unfortunately, we could not find any clinic that would offer us an option, let alone treat it. I have looked in many places for a solution to this problem, without any results.

Fortunately for us, for Ianis, on the recommendation of a wonderful person, we arrived at the DentalMed clinic at Mr. Dr. Sava Calin, an extraordinary man, for a consultation, where he recommended and explained the advantages of general anesthesia to treat all dental problems in one session. The intervention took place at the Medlife pediatric hospital with which the clinic collaborates.

The experience in the hospital was beyond expectations, the boy passed the intervention well, all the dental problems were solved in less than 3 hours and the recovery was very fast.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, Mr. Dr. Sava Calin, an exceptional man, a true professional. Now we are happy, without pain, we can eat and sleep peacefully like other children of our age!

Florentina Cristina Eremia, Google Review


Regina Maria
Sfintii Arhangheli
Guided Biofilm Therapy GBT


American Academy of Periodontology
European Federation of Periodontology
European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
International Team of Implantology