Bleaching whitening


 A whitening lamp fitted with a Whitening Accelerator or Laser Bleaching


The most efficient whitening technique -your teeth will be whiter by up to 14 shades! Very effective for teeth that have been stained by smoking or by consuming staining substances such as coffee, tea, or red wine.














The Beyond Whitening Accelerator


– better results than whitening laser treatments-










Pacient man, 31 years old


One treatment, three 8 minute cycle


Increased 10 color shades (VITA scale)











Looking for a white, gorgeous smile?


We offer you the best teeth whitening solution for a casting, wedding, glamorous party or job interview



There’s so much a nice smile can say if you have beautiful teeth. Just think of all of the daily benefits of a white and shiny smile and of the way in which it affects your personal and professional life.




Aside from the classic whitening techniques, which presuppose applying on the teeth a gel of various concentrations, the DeltalMed clinic uses a new whitening method: the Whitening Accelerator. This groundbreaking technology has been developed by the prestigious American company BEYOND and it consist of activating the whitening gel by means of an extremely intense blue light source fitted with an advanced filtering system which makes patients feel perfectly at ease. As the temperature at which the device operates is lower than the usual the risk of any ensuing teeth sensitivity is reduced.










This is a simple, but state-of-the-art method which gives teeth their natural white shade back and best protects the mouth cavity tissues during and after the treatment sessions. Results are visible even with teeth having become colored following the use of various medicine (tetracycline, for instance).










Pacient woman, 52 years old


One treatment, three 8 minute cycles


Increased 12 color shades (VITA scale)
















The use of the Beyond Whitening Accelerator Lamp leads to spectacular results even after the first session as teeth color will lighten by up to 8 -14 shades. The treatment takes a maximum of 3 sessions lasting 6 to 12 minutes each. With whitening treatments correctly performed at the clinic, where each session is followed by fluoridation, the risk of teeth damage is practically null.








The effect of the whitening treatment last 6 months to 2 years, depending on the extent to which hygiene rules are observed. This treatment presupposes the performance of as many sessions as needed in order to obtain the desired effect and the cost of the whitening therapy includes the debridement, airflow and professional brushing sessions. The results of the whitening process can be preserved by using the home maintenance kit which contains, among other products, a special type of toothpaste.












There are two cosmetic dentistry methods to get your best smile: tooth whitening and porcelain veneers.


Whitening is a safe and efficient procedure, used in order to remove tooth colorations and stains and to obtain a lighter shade of the natural tooth colour, if the patient wishes so.






The colour of teeth is the colour of the dentin layer, which shows through the enamel. In time, certain coloured substances (from coffee, tea, red wine) penetrate the enamel and get impregnated in the dentin, from which it cannot be removed by a mere periodontal scaling.


Among the most frequent causes of stains there are: drinking coffee and tea, smoking, certain antibiotics, dental traumas, excessive fluoridation.




Whitening is not efficient in the following cases: – brown colouring due to a cavity – grey- bluish colouring due to amalgam fillings – dental fluorosis – yellow-brown colouring caused by tetracycline




Types of whitening operations: 1. In office: takes place during one session, so that in only half an hour you get the smile of your dreams. The whitening gel has a higher concentration. 2. Home whitening: you will use custom trays that perfectly fit your teeth and a whitening gel with a lower concentration. Trays must be worn at night, for 6 to 8 nights.








Tips on how to keep your smile white: – do not drink or eat coffee, chocolate, cola, red wine and do not smoke. – following the hygiene and whitening treatments it is recommend to avoid colored food and drinks at least 2- 3 weeks. – maintain good mouth hygiene and use whitening toothpaste, if it creates no discomfort. – periodic debridement.


Porcelain veneers represent another cosmetic dentistry domain. Different from the whitening operation, which modifies the shade of your teeth, porcelain veneers represent an elegant way to enhance your smile, even when there are form, alignment, length or even positioning problems. Given that they are very thin, veneers require trimming back only a very small quantity of enamel. The result is amazing. Your teeth will have the desired colour, size and form.


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