Dental XRays

DentalMed clinic uses for the entire range of radiological investigations the Veraviewepocs 3D Computer Tomograph, manufactured by MORITA, a Japanese world leader in the field of dental technology. This is the newest device launched by MORITA for dental imaging, the revolutionary integrated technology leading to the obtainment of unequalled performances: BEST RATIO between Quality of Radiological Investigations Images/Minimum Radiation Level for Patients and for the clinic staff.

Veraviewepocs 3D X-Ray Unit is deemed as a technical wonderwork, distinguished by unparalleled characteristics:

– radiological investigations of an exceptional quality and a contrast-rich image, both for hard and soft tissues


-minimum radiations level


– fully digital system


– high ergonomics both for the patient and for radiologists team


– fast processing of radiological information through the system


The Japanese company J. MORITA has an outstanding tradition, being founded in 1916, by the founder Junichi Morita. After being active for almost one century in the field of dental technology, the MORITA name became synonym with peak-performance in the dental field. The MORITA group of companies is now involved not only in manufacturing dental equipment and devices, but also in research-development phases.

Radiological investigations are a significant help for the dentist. A correct and full diagnosis may only be decided after viewing of radiographies.

The dental cavities, their severity and seniority but also the precission of certain treatments are shown on the radiography . Subject to the information obtained during clinical examination and of that supplied by the radiographies, the diagnosis is established and the treatment is chosen.

In order to perform the retro-alveolar radiographies, DentalMed uses a state-of-the-art radiology device (model PORT-X II by Genoray), which emits a very small shots of radiations. Our clinic grants special attention to patient protection, therefore we use the lead apron for a minimum irradiation.

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