DentalMed Kids

dscn0044_400 Pedodontics represents the dental assistance intended for children.


Children are a special category of patients due to the specifics of milk teeth and of young definitive teeth, as well as to the fact that it is essential to gain the trust of the little ones right from the start. The atmosphere is nice and friendly, and the treatment puts very little strain on the children so that they like coming to our clinic.


poza1_400 Pedodontics also includes prophylactic treatments (fluoridation, sealing, guidance on tooth brushing) because the prevention of cavities is as important as their treatment.


Certain teeth conditions cause troubles in the development of definitive teeth; that is why it is very important to treat milk teeth with the same care because their health influences the harmonious and proper development of the permanent dental arches.


Due to the development of the technology in this domain, a visit to the dentist is no longer a stressful event either for children or for their parents. Children are happy to come to the DentalMed dental clinic because they know that nothing in the dental treatment will cause them the slightest physical pain.


The DentalMed clinic introduces in Romania the latest technique of fighting patients’ fear and pain sensations: inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide.


The novelty of this treatment consist of the use of the nitrous oxide, a gas which, when combined with oxygen, has a calming effect on the patient who will therefore feel no fear at all. When the treatment is over, the doctor discontinues the supply of nitrous oxide and the patient will only inhale oxygen for a few minutes so as to eliminate the effects of the previously inhaled substance from the body.


At our clinic, all interventions requiring special sedation methods are permanently monitored by an anesthetic specialist.

Of course, children are the happiest with the new treatment system; they aren’t afraid of going to the dental clinic anymore because they no longer experience any of the discomforts of classic dental interventions.


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