Treatments with microscope

A quality dental treatment lies, besides the expertise and professionalism of the medical team, in the use of performant devices and equipment. DentalMed clinic has chosen to add up its collection of dental equipment of latest generation with the dental microscope OPMI Pico, manufactured by Carl Zeiss.

The microscope was used in medicine starting the 19th century and in the last decades the technological evolution has urged the manufacturing of certain remarkable performance microscopes, lacking which many medicine disciplines (such as surgery) would be inconceivable nowadays. A new orientation has been penciled lately – the microscope specialization. Adapting to the specific requirements of certain medicine disciplines, microscopes for neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, ORL, etc. were created, this specialization allowing better results obtaining.

After years of research, the Carl Zeiss Laboratories have launched the dental Microscope OPMI Pico, special for the needs of dentists.





The microscope may be used in almost all dental procedures, but endodontics (the root canal treatments) is the selection indication. The teeth image magnification and illumination create the pre-requisites for an exceptional dental treatment. The remarkable optic performances give the possibility to view details unable to be observed with the eye. The image is magnified and very clear. The outstanding image quality is due to the coaxial illumination (the light source is oriented on the same direction where the doctors looks and is shadow free), but also to the high fidelity of the colours. Viewing of the most fine details is very important for the diagnosis and treatment.

Through an integrated video camera, the images are displayed on the monitor and the patient may see his/her own teeth at magnified sizes, the communication between doctor-patient being, thus, much improved.

Among the remarkable advantages of the dental microscope, there are:

For endodontics:

  • identification of additional canals
  • identification of the canals ingates
  • identification and treatment of the calcified canals
  • renewal of incorrect canals treatments
  • identification of radicular perforations and sealing thereof
  • viewing and removing of the broken needles inside the canal
  • detecting of radicular fractures


For dental implants:

  • checking of gingival contour and facilitating the sinus lift procedures

For oral surgery:

  • possibility to make small sized incisions, to achieve very fine sutures, leading to faster healing and more reduced post-surgery pains.

For parodontology:

  • removing of all necrotic tissue during surgeries with flap

For therapy:

  • checking of the total remove of the altered dentine
  • checking of the marginal adaptation of fillings

For prosthetic:

  • checking of preparations
  • checking of the dental works marginal adaptation


Basically, the dental microscope has applicability in all branches of dentistry. The correct use thereof by the dentists trained professionally to work with this high precision instrument shall lead to a level of excellence results. The endodontic microscope existence in the portfolio of our clinic is still a pre-requisite for achieving the best dental treatment quality. The DentalMed patients have, as such, the opportunity to benefit from dental techniques which, carried out under microscope, obtain very good results, impossible with classical techniques.

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